The IBM i, IBM iSeries, IBM AS/400 remains the IT backbone for hundreds of companies across the globe.

That’s a huge fan base that we’ve been serving with testing solutions for years.

” We evaluated several software solutions and selected Original Software.  The main driver for BAM was the way the software will provide a better way to deliver solid solutions to our internal and external customers.  

We wanted the software to help with, integration, system and User testing in an area where it could be done natively to our AS400 system. 

We wanted to capture user testing (as a library) of test scenarios to make sure that we “regression” tested every change that was made to our heavily modified systems.  

This tool allows us to build up our test cases and use them and link them in an easy manner and be able to have this repeated. “

Tim Steen

Senior Director of Application Quality

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We are currently creating a series of How To videos covering each area of TestBench. In the meantime please contact us and we’ll book a session to cover your areas of interest.

TestDrive & Assist

We are currently creating a How To video to get you started on the right path. In the meantime please contact us and we’ll talk you through the initial steps.


The stand alone version of TestDrive-UAT is available for download now. Simply ask us if you need the server version integrated with Test Management.

TestBench v8 now shipping

We are pleased to announce that TestBench for IBM i version 8 is now available. Full details can be found in the release announcement and includes full support for Independent Auxillary Storage Pools (IASPs), SQL Triggers and Materialized Query Tables (MQTs) together with numerous enhancements driven by our customers.

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