Managing your software lifecycle or PMO process?

Having set up Qualify to handle a client’s full software lifecycle we saw a recent implementation have a lot better control over their testing processes and resource usage.  Using TestDrive-UAT the testing process was significantly shorter, resulting in excellent time and money savings.

Using Qualify Resource Management, development QA teams had an unprecedented view on what work was allocated where, along with the up to the minute status of the projects and the ability to determine bottle necks and resource issues before they occurred.

Their success attracted the attention of the PMO (Project Management Office) who asked the question ‘what can Qualify do for the PMO process?’

Planning for projects a year in advance, they needed to be able to allocate certain roles and costs to the project at a point in time when they may not have even hired the resources yet.

As the project drew closer the Project Manager would want to allocate people against the Project and the PMO needed to control that process and costs. How do we match our plans and costs against the people the Project Manager uses for the project? It’s like herding cats. Where do we start?

With Qualify Role and Resource Management it’s simple, as we schedule a project for a future date, we allocate the roles needed (developer, project manager etc.) the number of each type of personnel and the dates required.  For example, In August 2021 a project will be run for six weeks that will need 1 Project Manager, 5 developers, 3 QA people and 2 SMEs.

As each role has a business costing the PMO has a good indication of expenditure. With the Resource Management module, they can view in real time any over allocations of resources at any point and recruit and plan as needed.

As the Project Manager gets involved and starts allocating people to tasks, this can also be easily viewed for bottlenecks where resources may be over allocated at any point in the project.  As for cost control, the actual people costs are calculated automatically and, with an approval process, the PMO now has full control.

The business now has full visibility in real time of the ongoing projects and can plan with confidence for all future projects and growth.

If this sounds like purrfection to you why not get in touch and lets have a conversation about how it could apply to your business.

Justin McDougall  is a training and implementation consultant at Original Software

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