About i400Quality IBM i, IBM iSeries, AS/400 Testing Solutions


A dedicated platform for IBM i

i400Quality was launched in 2019 by Original Software to create a dedicated platform for the specific solutions we have offered for the IBM i since our inception. Today Original Software is known for its Test Management Test Automation, Manual Testing and User Acceptance Testing solutions, across a wide range of industries.


Our code-free products naturally appeal to companies who purchase or consume, rather than build their applications and these include SAP, Salesforce, Oracle EBS and Infor M3. 

Capabilities for IBM i

However, we have always offered capabilities for the IBM i that went deeper than any other platform and addressed the particular demands of this server and its operating system. In i400Quality we now have a platform where we can explore these capabilities in the detail that they deserve.

A Little History

The IBM i server can trace its roots back to the Future System project of the 1970s which led to the launch of the IBM S/38.The architecture was radical at the time with an integrated database and a complete separation between application programs and the underlying operating system and hardware to protect a company’s investment.

These principles remained in place but it always felt that IBM never quite knew how to fully realize the machine’s potential. Every few years there would be a new initiative which drove the various re-branding exercises, that included IBM AS400, IBM iSeries to today’s IBM i.

Original Software’s first product in the quality arena was TestBench400 and was the foundation of the company’s success as it was adopted by hundreds of companies across the globe and it’s current personality TestBench for IBM i, remains as relevant as ever.