Application Lifecycle Management for IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400

Unite your software quality life cycle

Application Lifestyle Management

Unite the software quality life cycle.

Application Quality Management (AQM) or Application Lifecycle Management, is a process that unites all aspects of the software quality life-cycle from requirements through to deployment, providing an integrated approach to solving your management challenges.

Single, unified, multi-role view

Support multiple projects with a single, unified, multi-role (from granular tester to CIO) view with full command and control, over all aspects of the process, from requirements to test planning, test case design, test execution and defect tracking, all with full traceability.

Code Free

No-one ever wanted a coded approach to test automation - it's just that was the option on offer.

Automated tests are best designed by the business users who have the knowledge of the transactions that must be supported.

The results can be breath-taking. The tests can be understood and maintained by anyone. And then ramp up the power with data driven tests and full integration with TestBench.

Set New Standards

A fully documented test result in language anyone can understand will transform the remediation time.

But there’s much more you can do. The test results also define a business transaction and give a fast-start to training documentation.

Let’s keep going, how about creating an animation of a test? These are a great way of bringing training to life but also examining issues without needing access to the application.

Manual testing is slow, repetitive and leads to user fatigue. Time for a re-think, time to automate!

Test automation is hard, slow and expensive needing expensive specialist skills. Think again!

In a nutshell, Qualify is a test planning and management solution, that provides an easily customized central repository of test assets in support of full AQM. 

Welcome to a new world of Application Quality Management

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