TestBench IBM i - Data Extraction

IBM i Data extraction product
  • Full recreation of complex environments
  • Powerful record selection
  • Data sampling


The most powerful data extraction solution for creating logical data sub-sets while maintaining referential integrity.

Large Test Data Environments slow down testing and make it hard to find the data scenarios you need, and limited disk space on test machines means fewer environments than you would like. 

Intelligent Data Extraction enables you to continue to use production data while focusing on the scenarios you want and need for your testing, while maintaining data integrity. A small, focused sub-set of production data means you can find what you are looking for, testing is accelerated, and, consequently, you now have space for more environments.


  • Auto-analyse database structure to build data model
  • Flexible data selection by field values
  • Data sampling for balanced sub-set
  • Run-time parameters
  • Selection based on the contents of other files


  • Create a new data subset
  • Optionally create logical files, triggers and constraints
  • Replace or add to data in existing data set
  • Extract data from IASP, local or remote IBM i server
  • Maintain referential integrity
  • Optionally alter data during extraction

TestBench IBM i Modules

Solutions to cover every aspect of test data management

Data Extraction

Stop copying the entire live database and hone in on the data you really need. Select or sample data with full referential integrity preserved.

Data Masking & Data Warping

Simply decide which fields need to be protected and use a variety of obfuscation methods to protect your data.

File Effects & Data Rules

Track every insert, update and delete including intervening data states. Create rules so that data failures are flagged to you automatically.

Checkpoints and Rollbacks

Avoid the painful save/restores and stop attempting to explain bad test results based on poor initial data.

File and Report Compare

Comparing outputs is a well proven method to verify your test results but it can be laborious and prone to error.This unique solution can save hours. ​

Testing for Developers

Get under the covers and discover at the database level and beyond what really happens during the course of a test.