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Easily capture those end to end processes for both testing and training

Qualify Documenter
Business Process Documentation

Easy Business Process Documentation

We know it’s important to be able to document end-to-end processes that span multiple applications. Usually, a vendor user guide falls short, lacking the environment-specific information that will make it fit for purpose.

By documenting your processes, you ensure efficiency, consistency, and peace of mind for anyone involved. This kind of standardization ensures everyone in your team is working the same way towards the same outcome.


Easy Business Process Documentation

Documenting your business processes will help you to understand your business in terms of its underlying individual processes. You will be able to evaluate the true actions undertaken by any user, to form the basis of your test strategy.

Easy business documentation

Capture business process

Easily capture existing business processes to improve application documentation. Post capture enhancements and highlights help provide user and training guides/videos.

Technology agnostic

Capture processes in any application whether it presented in a browser, in a desktop application or even 3270/5250 'green-screen'.

Designed for end-to-end multi-app user

Designed for end-users and user acceptance testers, seamlessly move between multiple applications, including the MS Office suite, and capture the full end-to-end process.

Post creation amendments & mark-ups

Process capture can be amended and enhanced, with comments and screen mark-ups, after capture to make the documentation more meaningful.

Multi-output formats

Outputs can be saved in Word pdf and animation formats to produce training guides