TestDrive IBM i - Code-free test automation


Without the need for high cost and specialized automation engineers, patented ‘human ready’ technology, allows screens, content and input actions to be presented in a way every user can understand.

Result: higher-quality applications, delivered to the market in a shorter period of time.

Code-Free Testing

Fast Code Free Test Automation.​

Our solution’s unique ability to check every element of every screen makes it the only viable way to run a full regression test.

Code free

Playback timing, screenshots, analysis of all the visible and invisible screen elements are all handled automatically by TestDrive which lets you concentrate on the testing! 

Human ready

Patented technology allows screens, content and input actions to be presented in a way every user can understand. In playback it means scripts will continue to execute even when the contents of a screen or page have been re-arranged.

Multiple actions

A single test can embrace multiple applications and technologies. Use a browser to buy a widget, process the order in SAP and even fulfil it in a legacy green-screen application.

Full content

Our solution understands your applications automatically, getting the full content of each screen as it appears without the need to interrogate an item, click on it or write any code. This means that all the data is available to be tested or used in processing. E.g. in a combo box verify every item rather than just the single item selected.

Self healing

Applications change so TestDrive does its best to automatically adapt and if not will allow the user to dynamically amend the areas that need attention.

Modular playlists

Uniquely TestDrive separates the instructions as to how to navigate an application from the logic, tests, data drivers and success criteria. If the application under test changes significantly and the navigation has to be replaced, it ensures that the business logic survives.

Data driven

Data-driven tests are fundamental to expanding test coverage. Use spreadsheet data to override the script input values, to act as values to verify against and even update columns so that the values can be used later in the test.

Checking rules

The user can select which checking rules are to be verified as an automated test executes. These include base-line comparisons, specific content, spell-checks, link checks, hardware impact checks and performance checks.

Test Automation in Action

Two minute demonstrations showing TestDrive running over key applications