TestDrive-UAT IBM i - User Acceptance Testing for IBM i, IBM iSeries & AS/400

  • Dynamic manual testing
  • Test documentation and defect reproduction
  • Quality checks
  • Monitor database activity whilst testing

TestDrive-UAT IBM i Overview

TestDrive-UAT IBMi – The user acceptance testing solution resolves your UAT challenges by making the automatic complete documentation of all test activity totally intuitive without needing the tester to alter their behavior at all. Speed up your defect resolution whilst minimizing the time your business users have to spend away from their day jobs.

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Zero Training

TestDrive-UAT is invisible to users as they perform their user acceptance tests. It is only when a potential issue is found that the user can send a log of their activities to the development team of the UAT leader. One click, a brief description and they’re done!

Designed for Business Users​

TestDrive-UAT is indestructible and quietly keeps up with users, watching and recording their every action. Its intuitive, simple UI requires little support or training.

Any Application, Any Browser

TestDrive-UAT will capture all actions and diagnostics that a user carries out in any of the monitored applications, providing accurate details of the test, actions and any defects discovered.

Every Screen, Every Input

A full audit trail is essential to facilitate the rapid correction of discovered defects and TestDrive-UAT provides this with no effort. Gone is the need to take screen shots or notes about what you were doing or what appeared on the screen.

Quality Checks

The user can optionally choose to run quality checks such as link and spell checking. They can also choose to mark up the screen images to highlight the source of the issue and to provide additional information.

Data Masking

UAT will be performed over realistic data which may contain information that cannot be shared with a wider audience. Passwords are automatically masked and the user can choose to hide other details.

1 Test, 3 Paybacks

In addition to speeding up defect resolution, a test result can also be used to create training materials and to document existing business processes. These can be produced in Microsoft Word, PDF, video and animation formats.

Application & System Snapshots

Issues are often found in applications which are dependent on the hardware, operating system and application version combinations. All this data is automatically included in any issue report.

Information Zone


TestDrive-UAT over the BBC website

See how one of our consultants used TestDrive-UAT to run a test over  the BBC website to ensure the local news was actually that (local). The tool recorded exactly what they did and outputted as both a Word document and a video file. No ambiguity at all, perfect for documentation/training guides or simply to record exactly what you did on ANY application(s).

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