Welcome to your Qualify UAT trial

Qualify-UAT Trial

How to Install

Run the file after it has downloaded. Note: You will need to have administrative access to your PC to install it.

Accept the End-User License Agreement.

Choose whether to install for anyone who uses your computer or just for you.

Qualify-UAT will be available to run as an application in your Start menu. You will find it in the Original Software folder.

When starting Qualify-UAT the first time, you will be prompted for an activation code.

If you don't receive your code in the next 24 hours or require more that one installation please contact us.

Watch our training video to familiarize yourself with Qualify-UAT or refer to the online help if you have any queries.

What to expect

Please be aware that the trial version is locked to a PC. If you would like to see the full capabilities of this UAT solution incorporating the below solutions, please book a demo or consultation with one of our solution consultants.

  • use by concurrent people on any PC

  • centralized repository and UI  reporting  

  • resource & process management

  • full test repository

  • feedback triage

  • workflow control

  • defect management

  • process mining

  • external integration

What Next

Once you have had a chance to experience first-hand the power and simplicity of our Qualify UAT solution, we’ll be in touch to learn more about your software testing needs and schedule a follow-up discussion.

In the meantime if you have any questions you can always get in touch.