Enterprise IT Management

"A single solution to provide comprehensive IT Management for all teams. Delivering visibility and efficiency."

Enterprise IT Management
Project Management

The Challenge

Enterprise IT Management is often more complex than the business areas it supports, with multiple facets and disciplines that have to work closely together.

Whilst IT organizations strive to provide the best integrated solutions to optimize the efficiency of their business ‘customers’, very often the IT team itself is less well served by integrated solutions. It is common for IT teams to use a mixed bag of solutions, frequently based on spreadsheets in an attempt to achieve the independent objectives of each team within IT. 

This segregates information required by the different teams: Networks/Operations, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Development, QA, UAT, Project Managers and the PMO.

What can Enterprise IT Management​ do for you?

Highly configurable data storage, asset repository, resource management, workflow and task management.

Full traceability, flexibility, reporting and dashboards. 

Encompass all activities in IT, from the CIO and the PMO, to the business users testing and the trainers helping them.

Real-time visibility of the status of everything with role level security and protocols.

Solving the IT Jigsaw.

When there are many differing applications supporting individual teams, while they might serve the individual needs of that team, they do not usually integrate well or support the overall process and information needs of the IT team as a whole or IT management.

The solution is a platform that supports everyone in a joined up way, providing both horizontal visibility to enhance collaboration and efficiency. Alongside vertical clarity to provide decision making metrics and status reporting. Without having to collate data from multiple sources.

Enterprise IT Management

Optimizing resources is a key component of efficiency.

Optimizing IT

By having control of pools of resources at a high level for project planning purposes, it enables Project Managers to determine the viability of projects, based on resource levels and timescales.

Meaning everyone knows, early on, what they will be working on, what projects can be delivered or when resource shortfalls need to be addressed.

Not only does resource planning and optimization need to take count of skills, but it has to include availability from other work commitments plus vacations and planned leave. Usually, it’s not possible to achieve this with a departmental system. It has to be IT wide, but will only work well if it is an integral part of day to day life.

Monitoring and controlling costs

Cost control maybe an important part of your IT management, or it may not be, but most likely you want to know where costs are accrued.

This applies across the board and needs to be supported by a cross team application, but not a separate application which adds to the existing task burden.

You need one that integrates with what the team does on a day to day basis. This means that data can be collected as part of doing normal tasks, without a separate process.

IT Management

Enterprise IT Management​. Everything, in the right place at the right time.

Enterprise IT Management

IT teams use many different types of assets. While source and object code needs to be managed in a dedicated controlled system, other assets may end up dispersed through many different platforms. Sometimes worse, squeezed into a generic document management platform, which bears no relation to how people work or the task in hand.

Our software enables everyone, to store and access the documents they need, to go with the task they are performing. So everything is in the right place, at the right time.

Collaboration and visibility

Information silos are generally a bad thing, apart from when they are needed for security purposes. But, to work effectively as a team requires collaboration and visibility. 

That’s why we provide different windows and views, for different people or groups, including customers and partners where needed. This is backed by full security protocols and electronic signatures.

Regression Test Pack

Original Software creates an environment where both IT and Business Users are held accountable, with an enhanced transparency of processes

Martin Moen, Deputy CIO IPERS

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