Testing APIs and Batch Programs for IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400

"The IBM i server has always supported a heavy batch load and this is only increasing as web UIs replace the venerable green screen."


API and Batch Testing

Testing APIs, batch programs and NEPs running on the IBM i is not easy and STRDBG is often your only friend in town.

What you need is an easier way to track all the activity that occurs during a test and set markers for invalid conditions.

TestBench offers a method of tracking pretty much everything. From database effects to job log messages. From data queues to data areas. From program calls to IBM MQ traffic.

Program Calls & Parameters

Development methods have evolved in line with the IBM i and a modular approach has replaced monolithic programming.

That puts the focus on the the program linkages and the parameter values  must be verified or populated.

That’s just the start. Why not track program calls through submitted jobs, even submitted jobs which submit other jobs? And for every call see the vital performance data so you can identify potential improvements.

IBM MQ & Data Queues

IBM MQ and Data Queues have been around for a while and are a popular choice for high transaction applications using NEPs.

Testing such applications is a challenge. It is very difficult to view the traffic sent/received on a queue and data can be hard to understand.

This is a vital area of testing as without detailed monitoring it is impossible to know whether all the traffic has been sent and whether all the sent traffic has been received and correctly processed.

File & Report Compare

Comparing outputs is a well proven method to verify your test results but it can be laborious and prone to error.

We believe we offer one of the most capable file compare utilities elegantly handling large data volumes and high field counts.

Report comparison is a much trickier proposition as the data is only partially structured and is represented in multiple data structures. TestBench includes a unique solution that can save hours.

IBM i Test Data Management- A Best Practice Guide


Understand the key principals and techniques relating to test data environments on the IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400.

IBM i batch processing is core to your applications but testing it is tough.

For the first time you can access every aspect of a program execution and set automatic invalid state markers.

Combine our batch testing capabilities with UI automation or manual testing to see what really happened during a test.

Our Products

File and Report Compare

Comparing outputs is a well proven method to verify your test results but it can be laborious and prone to error.This unique solution can save hours. ​

Unit Testing

Get under the covers and analyse at a program/module level what happens in the database, APIs, parameters, messages and beyond.


Test Data Management

Best Practice Guide