Manual Testing for IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400

"The majority of your testing, and 100% of your UAT, is performed by users.
It's slow and your business users could be better employed elsewhere."

Speed, Speed and more Speed

Manual testing is slow. It's a bottleneck in your development and a drain on your business users.

Automated testing would help but it will never cover 100%, may be problematic for developing features and can’t help UAT.

But why does it have to be so laborious? It’s time to dispense with multiple iterations to reproduce a defect, ditch the copy/paste of screen shots and stop hoping for a complete audit trail.

The Road to Automation

It is understandable that many people view the road to automation as long and bumpy and definitely not straight.

And they’re quite correct. The legacy approach requires much planning, specialist skills and needs a 7:1 ROI.

What you need is a way to capture your manual test results so they can be leveraged into fast-start automation. Now you can use automation tactically and in a way compatible with agile developments.

User Acceptance Testing

UAT is here to stay. The need to stress an application with business transactions inputted by real users is hard to replace.

The challenge is that business users are busy and to many UAT is an unwanted distraction which is reflected in their test results.

Let’s break out of this cycle because the application owner needs to know whether sufficient UAT has been performed. So let’s empower the business with a robust, zero training product that can transform UAT.

Documentation & Animations

A fully documented test result in language anyone can understand will transform the remediation time.

But there’s much more you can do. The test results also define a business transaction and give a fast-start to training documentation.

Let’s keep going, how about creating an animation of a test? These are a great way of bringing training to life but also examining issues without needing access to the application.

Manual testing is slow, repetitive and leads to user fatigue. Let's make it a whole less manual!

Break down the road-blocks to test automation. Simply use your manual test results to fast-start the process.

Business user rarely love User Acceptance Testing. Let's make the process more efficient and generate the essential testing proof.

Our Products

Manual Testing

  • Dynamic manual testing
  • Test documentation
  • Defect reproduction
  • Quality checks
  • Database activity monitoring

User Acceptance Testing

  • Tracks all activity
  • Zero training
  • Totally intuitive
  • Document business processes
  • Complete audit trail

Quality Management

  • Single unified view
  • Instant access from all devices
  • Real-time decision-making
  • Workflows
  • Completely customisable

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