Test Automation

"We are executing about 650 different test scripts as part of our Regression packs using TestDrive and to have that in place is of enormous value to the business. The alternative would be to get people out of their day jobs and run tests manually and we are just not in a position where we can do that."

Rapid Creation & Execution

Use your favourite emulator IBM Client Access, IBM ACS or Micro Focus Rumba and simply execute your test.

Execution is blindingly fast and you can power through your test packs and unlike a manual approach, this test engine never gets tired.

Script maintenance is the curse of code-based automation tools but by removing the code, your test assets can be maintained by anyone with the business knowledge, assisted by self-healing technology.

Instantly Test Everything

Leave traditional automation in the dust by ensuring that everything is as it should be, not just individual items.

That’s right. You will automatically capture every label and field off every screen during a test including sub-files and pop-up windows.

You can automatically compare a set of results against a dynamic baseline with every difference instantly highlighted. So now you can check everything and help avoid collateral damage.

Code Free

No-one ever wanted a coded approach to test automation - it's just that was the option on offer.

Automated tests are best designed by the business users who have the knowledge of the transactions that must be supported.

The results can be breath-taking. The tests can be understood and maintained by anyone. And then ramp up the power with data driven tests and full integration with TestBench.

Documentation & Animations

A fully documented test result in language anyone can understand will transform the remediation time.

But there’s much more you can do. The test results also define a business transaction and give a fast-start to training documentation.

Let’s keep going, how about creating an animation of a test? These are a great way of bringing training to life but also examining issues without needing access to the application.

Manual testing is slow, repetitive and leads to user fatigue. Time for a re-think, time to automate!

Test automation is hard, slow and expensive needing expensive specialist skills. Think again!

A full regression test changes the rules. Capture many more errors, speed up defect resolution and sleep better at night!

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The only truly code-free test automation tool for SAP, Salesforce, Infor M3, Microsoft Dynamics and more.


Fast Test Automation over web and Green Screen

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A quick demonstration of how easy it is to perform a multiple UI automated test with TestDrive.
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Fast Test Automation over web and Green Screen

Automate regression testing, accelerate quality processes and increase test coverage. Watch or download the transcript here.

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