Test Management for IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400

Enabling faster delivery of high-quality software. A winning combination for every QA team.


This is your Ultimate Test Management Solution for IBM i, IBM iSeries & IBM AS/400: Raise your eyes to the sky and imagine a world where you instantly knew the status of every project and task. Where you could always know the progress of every team member and your progress towards the release of a properly tested, quality application.

The Ultimate Test Management Solution

Managing software testing effectively is a real, and rare skill.

It can be daunting to consider all the possibilities and complexities associated with delivering a complete testing program.

Ensuring that you can make the right decisions about promoting changes and that live systems will not be degraded as a result, are key factors for success. 

Test Management Solution
Test Management Solutions

The Complexities of Test Management

We know that managing a complex mix of requirements, change information, test analysis, test cases, scenarios and data, coverage, tasks, resources, planning, result capture, test status reporting, analysis, defect management as well as communication, is a huge task.

The complexity increases as the testing scope widen to include areas such as Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing.

A Test Managers Super Solution

Great testers and test managers are pretty special, so they should be looked after. That means they need proper solutions to help them to be great.

That does not mean relying on spreadsheets, or simple inflexible tools that restrict their ability to be great by supporting only the basic needs of Test Management. 

It means providing them with powerful solutions that can absorb complexity, process data efficiently and empower testers and test managers to their peak performance.

Test Managers
Quality Test Management

Real-time insights for all key stakeholders

That’s why we developed Qualify AQM – the ultimate test management solution delivering the best in Application Quality Management.

Qualify-AQM is simply, the most powerful solution that exists for the Software Delivery Life Cycle.

Its scope and capabilities are truly unparalleled, making it the most complete and comprehensive Test Management solution that exists!

Unified, multi-role views over all aspects of the SDLC process.

Full bi-directional traceability and resource management.

Suitable for all team sizes, methods and ways of testing.

Infinite customizations and integrations with existing software.

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Qualify AQM

Limitless test management capability supporting teams of any size.